Granny Goose Sleep Labs

Sleep Labs

This is an experience not to be missed.
Come in and enjoy tailor made service and select the
products that are just right for you.


The Sleep Experts Now Available To You

Your sleep problems will be soothed away with the launch of a stylish new Sleep Labs in Claremont with tailor-made service for every customer.
The Granny Goose Sleep Laboratory will create a handmade pillow specifically for your needs – whether you have back and neck problems or are simply selective in how you prefer your pillow - firm, medium or soft. There is a blissful Granny Goose bed in the Laboratory, where you can try out your custom-made pillow, and a seamstress on hand to sew it up once you are happy with the fill weight.

The Sleep Laboratory also has a children's area with double bunk beds where kids can also test their pillows and an area dedicated to our Gift Registry range. Come in and we will help you select the perfect gifts for your big day and future together.

Granny Goose Sleep Laboratory - Claremont, Cape Town

MontClare Place,
Corner of Campground and Main Road
Cape Town