Dreamseeker Channel Duvet


Dreamseeker Polish Goose Down Duvet

It is with great pride that we introduce you to our newest duvet.  The Dreamseeker Duvet! This is the most exclusive duvet in our range.  It is designed in the very ergonomic channel design, allowing the duvet to drape over your body without creating cold spots.  It is filled with our top quality Polish Goose Down creating an excpetionally puffy, warm, light duvet.  The casing is a 380 thread count cotton downproof that is soft and silky and adds to the decadence of this duvet.

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Availability: In stock Made to order | 3 Week lead time

(Made to order | 3 Week lead time)
(Made to order | 3 Week lead time)
(Made to order | 3 Week lead time)

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