Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your Gift Registry with Granny Goose

  • When can I set up my Gift List?

    You can set up your gift list up to 6 months prior to your wedding date. This will ensure that all the gifts you require will be available when your guests purchase them.

  • How much does it cost to set up a wedding list?

    Nothing, the service is absolutely free to both you and your guests, including free delivery to an address in South Africa.

  • How do I set up my Gift List?

    Register online at
    Visit one of our Gift Registry Showrooms
    Claremont: 021 6710350
    Bryanston: 011 4633658
    Send us an email at
    Call us on 0860 DUVETS

  • What items can I add to my Gift List?

    You can add any of the products available on the Gift Registry website. We have our full range of bedding products available as well as a fabulous selection of homeware products.

  • What happens if a Granny Goose product I want to add is not listed on the Gift Registry site?

    Send us an email with details of the item you would like to add and we will add it to your list manually.

  • How long will it take to set up my Gift List?

    Setting up a list online takes just a few minutes. Once you have filled in a few details you can start adding products to your list immediately. If you prefer to go into a store it will take a few hours for it to be up and running on the website. Guests will then be able to start purchasing immediately.

  • What happens if I want to add more gifts to my list later?

    Not a problem at all, you can amend your Gift List online at any time. Just log into your account and make the changes you need.

  • Can my guests purchase Gift Vouchers?

    We are currently adding this service to the website.

  • How do I notify my guests where I am holding my Gift List?

    We will supply you with small notification cards for your invitations, free of charge. You can also select to send your Gift List to your guests via email using the Share button on the website.

  • How do guest purchase items from our Gift List?

    Your guests can purchase gifts online on the website, by phone or in one of our Gift Registry showrooms.

  • What is the process when someone buys a gift off our registry?

    Your guest will go onto our website, search for your Gift Registry and then select the item they would like to purchase for you. The gift will then be wrapped with a personalised message from your guest. When all the purchases have been made, all the gifts will be delivered to your preferred address.

  • How will I know who each gift is from?

    As part of our Gift Registry service we will send you a detailed list of exactly who purchased each item as well as their postal address, to assist you with your Thank You cards.

  • What happens if I receive a duplicate gift?

    Once a guest has purchased a chosen gift it is automatically marked off as sold on your gift list. In the unlikely event of a duplication happening, we will exchange or refund the duplicate.