Duvet Buying Guide

Humane & Ethical Treatment of Ducks and Geese

As a company we are very against cruelty towards any living creature and vehemently oppose the live-plucking of geese. The Feather & Down industry (specifically, those industry members part of the IDFB - the International Down & Feather Bureau) have agreed to actively avoid sourcing from or dealing with any farms known to live-pluck their birds. The feathers and down used in our products are a by-product of the food industry. Like cows and farmed fish, the ducks and geese in our supply chain are reared for their meat and the feathers and down are only removed after euthanisation.

The IDFB encourages its members to adhere to the highest standards in accordance with the laws for the gathering and legal hervesting of Down and Feathers and the proper humane treatment of animals considering all aspects of animal welfare.