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What filling should I get?

Duvet Buying Guide

Natural Fillings

At Granny Goose we offer a variety of fillings so you are sure to find the perfect duvet to suit your budget. Duvets with natural fillings are soft, light, and puffy and allow your skin to 'breathe' so you don't overheat. It is the classic 'warmth without weight' combination. The natural fibres are also very strong and resilient and therefore will last longer than synthetic fillings. We use a 100% cotton downproof 230 thread count casing for all our natural fill duvets which prevents the filling from leaking through the casing. A top quality natural fill duvet should last a good 30 years depending on how often you wash the duvet.

All our down and down & feather fillings are NEW conform to European Standard DIN EN 12934

Duck Down & Feather

Duck Down & Feather Filling
  • Duck Down & Feather 40/60 (minimum 35% down clusters).
  • It is made up of a blend of small duck feathers (with a quill) and duck down (no quill).
  • This filling is a more economical option as it is not as expensive as a pure down filling.
  • We would recommend this filling for smaller size duvets as the very big sizes can be heavy.
  • TOG value for Standard weight: 10.5

Duck Down

Duck Down Filling
  • Snow White Duck Down 80/20 (minimum 75% down clusters).
  • The Duck Down clusters are slightly smaller than the Goose Down clusters, therefore the duvet needs to be filled with more filling to create similar insulation properties. This means that a Duck Down duvet will be slightly heavier than a Goose Down duvet.
  • TOG value for Standard weight:12.5
  • TOG value for Summer weight: 4.5.

Goose Down

Goose Down Filling
  • Our Goose Down is the top of the range, Rolls Royce of fillings. It is the best form of natural insulation known to man.
  • Goose Down has a superior fill power which means that the duvet is very light, and very puffy.
  • Goose Down clusters are the biggest and therefore less filling is needed to fill the duvet in order to obtain the perfect level of insulation. This means that the duvet is extremely light weight keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • The Goose Down that we use in our duvets is imported from America, Germany, Poland and Canada.
  • The specs are as follows:
           White Goose Down 90/10 (minimum 85% down clusters)
           Canadian Goose Down 95/5 (minimum 90% down clusters)
           Polish Goose Down 95/5 (minimum 92% down clusters)
  • A duvet filled with Goose Down will last longer than any other filling because of its strong, resilient clusters.
  • TOG value for Standard weight: 13.5
  • TOG value for Summer weight: 4.5

Synthetic Filling

Microfiber Filling

Fibre Puff Filling
  • This is a good option for those that are sensitive to down & feathers.
  • The microfiber is quilted in into squares so that the filling stays evenly distributed.
  • The duvets and pillows are encased in our 100% cotton downproof fabric giving it a more natural feel.
  • These duvet have a TOG value of 10.5.